beyonce12 Beyonce just finished her North American Formation Tour last week, begun her week with a well needed vacation along side Family and Close friends in tropical Hawaii.  Every since Beyonce dropped controversial album Lemonade a few months back, rumors of her marriage and of Jay’s infidelity resurfaced. It Caused plenty of tongues to wag in their direction, but this was to be expected considering they themselves set said tongues into motion.  I’m certain this was just the hype she needed to not only sell her record but also out her tour. beyonce1

I mean it was the rumors of a pending split and marital strife that sent both of their fans flocking to catch the highly anticipated “On The Run” tour a few years back.  Why switch up the formula now?beyonce 2

Not saying Jay-Z isn’t a reformed hoe, I’m just saying Beyonce isn’t about to leave him for it.  He knows what he has in her and he’ll never be able to find that with anyone else.  I can’t imagine him leaving her to be with anyone else, not openly anyways.beyonce3

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