IAN CONNORIt hasn’t been a good day for Ian Connor, he made the horrible decision to confront his long time friends and  fellow A$AP members at a signing today in Paris, France of all places.  I guess the saying “You can take them out of the hood, but cant take the hood out of them”, still rings true til this day.  I mean come on if your going to confront someone in a foreign country at least let it be somewhere that’s private.

The video clearly shows Ian agitated while standing to the right of A$AP Rocky and another gentlemen he was speaking to;  Out of no where he walks up on rapper and now former friend Theophilus London and sucker punched him, or atleast tried to anyways.  He’s so short I’m not even sure if he connected or not, to tell you truth.  From there Ian was escorted out the Parisian store. As soon as they were outside A$AP Bari took it into his own hands to settle the score and punched the hell out of Ian as soon as he got within fist range.


Now mind you Ian Connor has been in the news from allegations of date rape, so far he’s addressed two separate instances that were thrown out.  Two in which he openly celebrated to soon considering since then there has been several other women who’ve come forward to report rape by the perverted hands of Ian Connor.  Leading him to be labeled Hip Hop’s first “Serial Rapist”, which is disturbing to say the least.  Read Ian Connor’s A Rapist & I Know First Hand

Since the video’s posted Ian & Theophilus have been going back and forth on twitter..



IAN CONNOR 2asap bari

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