BLAC CHYNA ROB KARDASHIAN Pregnant and all Blac Chyna or Better known now as Angela White-Kardashian, found her way across the pond.  She went to have fun & partake in the festivities at Cannes Lions Festival alongside bestie Amber Rose whom both  attended Daily Mails Yacht Party in Cannes, France.  Rob didn’t get to make it, but see why after the break..

I’m in love with this outfit and I think that she made the right decision in color & cut considering she is pregnant.  I mean there’s no better time to get away with flaunting how huge your boobs have gotten, then when your pregnant.  It say’s “I am woman, see me in what’s is my natural form” and I find that very beautiful.  I guess you can say I’m poetic in that sense.  Although I myself am not a mother, I can appreciate another being one.

BLACCHYNA CANNES2Amber Rose, Jeremih & Blac Chyna @DailyMail.Com Yacht Party Cannes,France

And I know your wondering, well isn’t Rob there?  Well no and that’s fine he knows Blac Chyna is well taken care of out there and besides he’s back at home in California on a strict regiment to get and stay fit.  So the less traveling he does the better off for now for Rob to stay focused.

He has a baby on the way and I know he want’s to be around to see him/her grow up.  According to an interview Chyna did on the Blue Carpet in Cannes, “Rob is going to be a good father and he’s just a big teddy bear.”  Rob is photo’d below in a picture posted by one of his friends after a run earlier today up the Canyon’s in his area of Cali.  I’d have to say Rob is looking “Mighty fine” in this picture, I think he’s been doing a great job dropping these pounds.


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