sean kingston  The “Club Hit-Maker” & Artist Sean Kingston, has yet again fell victim to another robbery.  This time while  Sean Kingston was out clubbing, thieve(s) brutally assaulted the singer and made off with one of his prized 300,000.00 chains. All this happened while partying “inside” at Penthouse Night & Day Club in LA, which leads you to wonder was this an “inside” job?  In my mind all I keep wondering is, “Where in the heck was security?”  Also why isn’t he walking around with his own security?  You’d think after being robbed so many times, and for such valuable pieces.  One would have thought to take better precaution. Now that this has happened so many times with no resolve in any case, he’s painted a big red easy target on his back.  Heck if I see him on the street I just may take a chain too, while he walking around with that much carelessly on him.

It wasn’t even a month ago his mother got on social media, begging rapper “The Game” to get his boys to give back the chain they’d stolen from Sean.  In a now deleted post to her Instagram,“I need the jewelry Why ya’ll wanna kick a n**** down?? Be a big bro and stop fooling people.”

Then 7 months prior to that he’d reportedly was kidnapped and robbed of a watch, in which the police ended up closing out the case because of no leads.  I’m thinking he knows who’s doing this to him each time and he’s afraid to say anything him self because they have something on him.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t of the homosexual nature, considering how shook he is.  I say instead of being trapped in the closet, just come out already.  So you can stop this systematic abuse, by people who apparently don’t care about you.  That or get a security team around you that you can trust and preferably who are trained to disarm combatants at a close range without deadly force, or with.  Whatever’s comfortable for you, I’m not paying for your security.  But I wouldn’t advice leaving the house with anything over10,000.00 for a while considering your just a walking target.  Let’s keep Sean Kingston in our prayers, cause he stay going through it.


  1. That’s crazy. You’ll think after the first time you get robbed you’ll have heavy security…. Like they say “you rob me once shame on me, you ain’t gone be ABLE to rob me no second time. ” lol.

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