khloekardashianE! Reality TV Star Khloe Kardashian rung in her 32nd Birthday surrounded by family and friends at a Dave & Busters in California on Monday Night.  Funny thing about it was the theme for the party was clearly low key carney circus (Take a look at the cake).  Which considering what family were talking about it wouldn’t be far from the truth.


Brother Rob Kardashian showed up along side Kourtney’s long suffering baby daddy, whom on the episode before last on #KUWTK sought out a sorceress to break the infamous “Kardashian Curse”.  It’s a wonder he hadn’t convinced Lamar & Rob in on the buying a chicken and releasing it out into the wild, to free their souls. Noticeably absent from any photo’s was Pablo himself, Rapper Kanye West.  img_0301

img_0295Blac Chyna (Photo’d above with Kris Jenner) made her first appearance to a family sponsored event for peace sake and I must say it’s a good look on her, petting and being so close to Lions.  It’s a wonder she still has all her fingers and toes from the encounter.

img_0307Kim Kardashian and Sister In law to be Blac Chyna flicking it up for Snap Chat. img_0305Khloe’s Carnival Tent Birthday Cake.. img_0296Kourtney Kardashian & Blac Chyna

img_0297Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian img_0308

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