blmdallas2A chunk of hope shined through the streets of South Dallas today as Black Lives Matter protesters faced a group of All Lives Matter Protesters whom happened themselves to be all white.  Now what could of been seen by Police who were there to keep them separated, as a volatile situation turned out to be the complete opposite at the end of the protest.

It turns out that we all want what’s best for all American’s and that’s for life itself to matter, be it Black, White or any color.  To see the two groups come together in hugs, handshakes and prayer let’s you know that God was in the details.  Only he can heal wounds and mend fences and there’s no doubt he brought these people together on today, to show not only Dallas Residents but the World we can work together.  Check out the Heart Warming Video Below, you’ll be surprised who else joined in on the prayer towards the end.


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