FLMANWhat in the world is going on in Florida? It was just last week I reported a Daytona Beach mother using her 6-Month Old Infant as a weapon in order to beat her baby father-See Crazed Woman Uses Infant to Beat Up Her Boyfriend.

Now another Floridian, a 30 year-old man by the name of Michael Stevenson has found himself on the wrong side of the law, behind bars and made national news.

According to the Police Report on Friday Stevenson approached his intended victim, a 36-year old Odell Kindricks after an argument over a 2 Dollar debt he’d owed him.  Stevenson didn’t take kindly to Kindricks denying he owed him the debt and in retaliation ‘Stevenson’ stabbed him in the back.

Odell Kindricks managed to run all the way home and with help from those who witnessed what happened was able to get the medical attention he needed by being airlifted to the hospital.  Also with those same witnesses the Police were able to track down Stevenson, arrest and charge him with attempted second-degree murder with a deadly weapon.  Doctors report that Kindricks is listed in stable condition as of now and are looking forward to his full recovery.

His crime is the most absurd I’ve heard of in a while, considering the focus that Black Lives Matter, has garnered in the past week or so for the unjust killings by African American’s by Police officers.  It makes “BLM” purpose looks ridiculous considering this Black Life didn’t consider another’s over a debt. A two Dollar debt, no less.  SMDH

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