Peter Bodunrin Adeniji FAKE DOCTORThe things people do to con people and profit from them never ceases to amaze me, but this man peddling false hope to Cancer patients ‘takes the cake’. 

Authorities in Prince Williams County ended up placing Peter Bodunrin Adeniji (67) under investigation after an anonymous source tipped them off to the happening’s at Integrated Health and Wellness Medical Center in Manassas, VA. Turn’s out Adeniji was impersonating a Doctor and instead of treating Cancer Patients with Traditional medical treatment’s he’d push a drug he touted as a “Miracle Cure”, which of course was pricey.

Each bottle going for as much as $1200 dollars a bottle.  An Undercover detective assisted in the incrimination and arrest of Adeniji, by going in weeks prior to purchase what the Fake Doctor was pushing as the Miracle cure.  From there were able to send the medication off for testing.

And although result’s aren’t back yet authorities believe they know what it all consists of, cause when they raided his home they found ingredients to produce more drugs and a substantial amount of money.

Peter Bodunrin Adeniji has been charged with a numerous amount of crimes, including but not limited to operating a medical practice with a license, money laundering, obtaining money by false pretenses & dispensing drugs without a license.

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