FMS Sad day in Fort Meyers, FL as several were injured and 2 people so far have lost their lives, in another act of senseless violence of course.  Club Blu hosted a Teen night there that one will never soon forget, it saddens me to think that mothers are home right now grieving the lose of their innocent children.

According to Vibe.com
Early Monday morning around 12:30 A.M. a shooting broke out at Club Blu, a nightclub located in Fort Myers, Florida. According to Fort Myers Police Department, two club-goers have been pronounced dead and more than a dozen others are wounded. According to NBC News, the two victims have been identified as Ste’fan Strawder, 18, and Sean Archilles, 14.

The club was said to be hosting a teen event for those ages 12 to 17, although the ages of those in attendance went as far as 27 for the “No ID required” night. As the event was finishing up and teens were getting picked up by family, gunfire rang out. Authorities stated that the children in attendance were not responsible for the shooting, and this was not an act of terror. Three suspects were apprehended.READ MORE HERE

All the carnage took place at 12:30am est time on Monday morning and the youngest victim was aged 12.  I understand its summer time and there isn’t any school but this event in my opinion should of ended earlier then this.  I can only imagine what new guidelines these parents are going to start making their kids adhere to after this and who could blame them.  It’s so much going on in Florida its a wonder anybody would step outside, I feel like the majority of what I’ve reported in the past month has come out of there.  Check out some of the other bizarre headlines out of Florida below.

Florida Man Stabs Friend In Back Over $2 Debt

FL Woman Uses Own Infant As Weapon

Unarmed FL Caretaker Shot By Miami Cop, No Reason Why?

FL Girl Commits Suicide After Friend Uploads Nudes Of Her Online

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