keyshia knight pulliamActress & Mom to be Keshia Knight-Pulliam is fighting fire with fire after finding out with the rest of the world online that spouse of nearly 8 months former NFL Line Backer Ed Hartwell had filed for divorce-Ed Files For Divorce From Keshia Knight-Pulliam.  She was taken by surprise with the filing of the premature divorce & his question of paternity for their unborn daughter. 


Well Keshia is coming back with fact’s of her own.  And she want’s everyone to know that she’d been nothing but faithful to her husband, albeit he himself was still dealing with the ex-fiance he left Keshia for.  People who knew the couple say the strain on the marriage came from Keshia not holding up to the promise she made to spoil Hartwell.  No wonder his Ex-Wife Lisa Wu got as far as way from this man as she could, he’s no good.  As of now Keshia has made it known to the Judge she’d like all asset’s & properties acquired during their marriage.

TMZ Reports:

In new divorce docs — obtained by TMZ — Keshia’s asking for all assets she acquired during their marriage — which is interesting considering most couples split assets accumulated during a marriage.

Keshia also makes a point to demand she be awarded all property and assets she had before the two married, which includes even more ‘Cosby’ cash.

And get this … in Ed’s divorce filing?, he stated they had no kids, but Keshia makes it a point to say a child is expected of the marriage.

Below Keshia  sat down and did an interview with Michelle Turner of ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and discussed her shock and hurt she’s experienced so far by being blindsided by the divorce.

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