antonio armstrong               Dawn Armstrong FB Photo: Dawn, Antonio & AJ Armstrong at an event earlier this year.

Former NFL Player Antonio Armstrong & wife of over 20 years Dawn, were gunned down by their son,  AJ Armstrong in the early hours of Friday morning.  Antonio was known as a loving Husband, Father & Friend to many who were blessed enough to know him.

After the NFL he worked hard at utilizing his degrees, making good investments and became a motivational speaker.  Antonio & his wife Dawn served in a Local Christian Ministry in Houston,TX and were what many would describe as the ‘Perfect Power Couple’.

          The NYDN Report:

Former NFL player Antonio Armstrong and his wife were fatally shot by their teenage son in the family’s Houston home early Friday, police said.

Armstrong’s wife, Dawn, was pronounced dead in their bedroom after their 16-year-old son dialed 911 around 1:30 a.m., police sources told KTRK-TV. Antonio Armstrong was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but multiple local media outlets reported that he had died later in the day.

Investigators who searched the southwest Houston home found a gun still smoking with a note next to it reading, “I’ve been watching you,” the TV station reported. Police arrested the 16-year-old boy. Sources close to the investigation said he was likely to be charged as an adult.

All three of the couple’s children — including a 20-year-old son and a teenage daughter — were in the Palmetto St. home at the time of the shooting. All were unharmed, Houston police homicide investigator Jimmy Dodson told the Houston Chronicle.


AJ Armstrong himself was a Star Player on his High School’s Football & Basketball team, with dreams of going Pro like his father one day.  What made him grab a gun and kill his parents?  No one knows for sure and family members are befuddled as to what would make AJ Armstrong commit such a heinous crime.  As of now the Police don’t have a direct motive for the killings, but fortunately they have AJ in custody and are hoping for more concrete answers in the coming weeks.

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