TAKEEYA FULTON Early Sunday morning, South Florida resident & mother of six Takeeya Fulton was shot down and murdered in cold blood at her home.  And sadly her teenage daughter, Nuckeria Harris (19) died alongside her.  Her eldest son Corey Bishop (17) and her younger son (12,unnamed) were also injured, but were alive when medics arrived & were air lifted to a nearby hospital.

Reports state the Miami-Dade Police responded to shot’s being fired in a SW-Dade community and once there they discovered the four victims listed above with apparent gunshot wounds.  Neighbors & family informed the Police that the shot’s rang out after a fight between Fulton and her youngest children’s father.

Corey Bishop sadly has  succumbed to his injuries and passed away, and the youngest (12, unnamed) is in stable condition.  The Police aren’t saying much more about the situation, as of now it’s not even known if they have any leads or if they’ve caught the shooter.  Considering it’s so obvious who it is, maybe they want to get all their ducks in a row before they jump the gun.



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