SOULJA BOY NIA RILEYSoulja Boy & Nia Riley been so off & on the past few years its a wonder if they were ever in an actual relationship.  Deandre Way has never been serious about anyone and more then likely never will.   Also, Any female that thinks he could ever be serious with them is delusional and needs to see psychiatric treatment. 

And another piece of unsolicited advice would be to go to your nearest free clinic and get tested.    Anyways they’ve both been going back and forth for the past week on social media and Nia Riley’s new boyfriend, a rapper out of New Orleans by the name of Skrill-Dilly didn’t take kindly to a lot of what Soulja had to say about his woman.  Skrill-Dilly he let it be known to Soulja that he needed to back down and of course Soulja had to take it to another level by threatening to kill the rapper, which is illegal.

So dont be surprised when you hear about Soulja Boy waking up to turn his swag on in his jail cell.  When are these rappers going to learn to stay off social media talking wreck-less and out the side of their necks.  It wasn’t but a few weeks ago Bow Wow got caught up saying something stupid-Bow Wow Says He Doesn’t Care About Civil Right’s.

The question should really be will we get to watch the dissolution of their relationship on this seasons episodes of Love & HipHop Hollywood.


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