KIMYESocial Media is key in the World of the West, if it weren’t for Kanye’s random twitter rant’s nobody would know what he’d have to say.  As Ye’ doesn’t have any other known social media other than twitter, he doesn’t have time for that he’s an actual artist.  Kim on the other hand her specialty is staying relevant and with this cover I’d say it’s more than a start.

On the latest cover of Harper’s Bazaar egotistical Social butterfly Kim Kardashian snagged it alongside her ego eccentric artist husband Kanye West.  And at first glance at the cover (pic above) you just see him standing over her with Kim’s heels in his crouch.  But under further inspection you see he’s not only standing over her, but he also has a phone in his hand pointing it down towards Kim.  A Kim Kardashian whom you’ve just noticed also  has her legs spread open, which is perfectly fine considering they are a married couple and in my opinion this photo is super believable.  I can believe that they’d tape their sexual encounters so much so, I wouldn’t be surprised if a sex tape of them together ever leaked.

Think about it, she had plenty of them with ex-Ray J to splice together a half decent flick.  Why wouldn’t she do it for her husband?  I mean it was probably apart of their prenuptial agreement, like “Since you let that lame make random sex tapes of you, then I get to do tapes whenever & where ever I want to with the option to leak them. Sound’s insane, but who Knows?!

Honestly all it would take would be a brief moment of separation or a divorce for anything to leak.  Or they might stay together and just wait until they’re older and feeling irrelevant.   Which is hard to believe that day would every come, considering people will be watching to see how Saint, North West & the Dissick kids are going to turn out.  And they’ll help keep the attention their respective families including the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner’s.   Til then leave it to these to turn heads for centuries to come, cause lord knows every woman including Caitlyn Jenner are waiting for the day all that fakery start falling apart on Kim.  Just so the natural built females can go, see that’s what Kanye get. Lol.  Then again she got enough money to never look a hot mess ever again, unlike myself whom needed a fill like 2 weeks ago.


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