TOKYO TONI 2This past week rumor’s were swirling that Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni had lost her apartment and was homeless and staying from friend to friend house.  They also said she was working as an UBER and also a LYFT Driver to make ends meet.  Well honestly all I could think was well Chyna did just buy her car, why wouldn’t she use it to make cash, or go to work in.? Or in this case both.

Well I guess Tokyo got tired of people speculating so she dropped a video & caption on Social media admitting hat she was working as a driver, and that all her proceeds would be going to the homeless.

TOKYO TONII love Tokyo but I do take everything she says with a grain of salt, as I pick up a slight bi-polar vibe in how she addresses people from time to time.  She blocked me off her Instagram after I complimented her, it was almost like she scanned past what I said and took it the wrong way.  I feel as though you have to use short, quick and fast words with her, cause anything more then that is insulting to Tokyo for some reason.

  I can commend her on going out and working hard for her money.  I just wished she didn’t try to attribute her gains to helping the homeless, because we all know that’s not true.  Nobody is driving around D.C. doing Uber & Lyft in their brand new car for free.  That doesn’t even begin to make sense.  I wished she didn’t speak on this at all, because it’s honestly no one’s business.  But since she did I’m going to have to call you on that Tokyo, til you show & prove.

As for Black Chyna, there is only so much a person can do for their family,  I’m certain Blac Chyna has done everything she could in the past few years to help her mom out.  I remembered when she went out there last year,  Tokyo was saying how she was going to live in Los Angeles and help her daughter run her “Lashed” shop as a manager there.  Then the next thing I saw she went back to D.C. to be with her on again of again “Husband” and friends.

A more honest caption would of just read “Im out here working like everybody else, to live & pay my bills.”

Tokyo Toni chose not to speak on her living situation, so the theory of her being homeless is still up in the air.

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