TAMAR BRAXTON VINCENT HERBERTNews of a heated fight at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta,GA between flamboyant singer Tamar Braxton & her music manager husband Vincent Herbert broke in the last hour.  Media outlets are reporting that the couple got into a very charged & heated argument while in the Buckhead hotel last night. 

The fight begun between like any of their other past arguments and that’s with a disagreement between the two, Tamar is known to have a mouth on her.  And Vince isn’t known to back down, and rarely does he ever own up to his mistakes.

After trading insults and innuendo’s one thing lead to another and Vince assaulted Tamar, when he reportedly bit her finger.  I can imagine she had it in his face and knowing Vince he more than likely asked her to get it out of his way.  I’m guessing she didn’t as it gotten a bit.

Tamar was so mad she ended up calling Police on Vincent, but he fled before they got there.  Witnesses report her finger looked damaged, but the singer refused medical help when Police & EMS arrived on the scene.

It’s not shocking to those who’ve known the couple more closely then some, that this occurred last night.  As it has long been rumored that the two have had more than the  occasional fist fight and physical altercation in the past.   So it was just a matter of time before all the drama came to a head in public.

I say that both Tamar & Vince need to take the time to seek marital & individual counseling, it seems as though they have the hardest time being nice to each other.  I love them together, I just don’t understand why must their relationship be so volatile.

The issue in my opinion is they both have dominant & possessive personalities and it power their both seeking in the relationship.  When all they really need to do is work & communicate with each other better, and the world could be their oyster.

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