TAMARBRAXTONIt’s been a long week for Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert, as the two silently recover at home over the embarrassment & shame they both suffered from their actions this past weekend at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Atlanta. 

Tamar was there on business as she was there to attend the Bronner Brother’s Hair Show to do meet & greets and appearances along with other Celebrity’s and Artist.  Well she ended her 1st day there and headed back to the hotel where it’s now known that Tamar & Vince gotten into an argument, in which he’d bitten her finger and then taken off before the cop’s got there-Tamar Braxton & Vince Involved in Domestic Dispute!.

Well now it’s been days since the incident and she’s been silent in regards to the incident and nobody’s gotten a word out of Vincent Herbrt either.  You wont find a Tweet, a Pic on Instagram or a snap chat from Tamar Braxton, as she and Vince are probably somewhere trying to find a way to make this work to their advantage.

As of today the 911 call was released today, on it a hotel staffer report’s the assault that had taken place in their establishment. List below…

I’ve heard rumors the fight was about how Tamar decided to drop Vince as her manager and Hired a guy out of Steve Harvey’s camp by the name of Rushion Macdonald.  Which is the same guy people had claimed she was cheating on Vince with a few weeks back.  But from what I understand Rushion is  happily married man and that rumor couldn’t have been further from the truth.  I believe the story got misconstrued, because the truth is they have been fighting, but not over her cheating on him physically, but financially.

Tamar is the bread winner now & let’s face it, if it weren’t for him being her manager he would barely have any coins coming in.  And I believe Vince cant stand that, but I truly feel like this is Tamar’s Hail Mary! When it comes to this marriage, because it’s best due to their constant bickering it’s best not work together business wise anymore  and spend time working on the Marriage.

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