CHRIS BROWN Singer Chris Brown has found himself in the middle of another legal matter, this time in regards to a dispute he has against being served with an initial lawsuit by a process server.

West Side Today Reports:

Chris Brown is disputing the claims of a process server who alleges he personally served the singer with a copy of a lawsuit filed by the life coach hired to help rehabilitate the entertainer’s image after his 2009 domestic abuse of Rihanna, and he wants the summons invalidated.

Mike G sued the singer on June 23 in Los Angeles Superior Court for allegedly beating him up on May 10, just days before Brown was to leave for a European tour.

Although Mike G thought he was having a routine talk with Brown about the tour, Brown instead took him into a room and punched him four times in the face and neck, the suit alleges. The plaintiff says that while he had to go to the hospital to be treated, Brown allegedly showed no remorse and boasted to others about the attack.

Process server Jason Luther states in court documents that he served Brown in person on June 23 at the singer’s home in Tarzana. But the 27-year-old “Kiss Kiss” singer says in a sworn declaration filed Friday that although he was home at the time, he was not the man Luther claims to have served about 10:50 p.m.

“I did not speak to or see anyone who identified himself as Jason Luther, or any other person who identified himself as a process server, or who stated that he was seeking to serve me with legal papers,” Brown says.

It’s always something with this man, I wished he’d get it together already.  I want to Challenge Chris Brown to go a whole year without being in the news for something outlandish, negative or legal.  Which I’m certain he’ll fail at considering he doesn’t know how to act, in real life.

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