lauren-london-2iamlaurenlondon#MCE All Day and Forever! My 1st born!!! My baby turned 7 this past week. It has been such an honor and joy to watch him grow and be a witness to his Greatness. God has truly blessed me beyond. Love my little human. #youngMrCarter #watchoutworld

I Honestly forgot that Lauren London & Lil Wayne share a son because he’s been in not a single public photo since the day he was born. I’m talking we saw Lauren Pregnant and then she wasn’t anymore and that’s it, occasionally she’ll post a shot like the one above, making sure to leave his face out.

I use to think it was weird, but when I see what the Kardashian and Dissick children go through living in the public eye with Paparazzi everywhere I can’t say I blame her.  So Happy Birthday mysterious little man

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