coach-johnDance Instructor & Teacher John Conner who we affectionately know as Coach John of the Infamous Dancerettes a competitor of Coach Diana on LifeTime Televisions hit show Bring It! He’s found himself in a whole heap of trouble. 

In August he’d just admitted to attempting suicide because of recent events in his life that had transpired.  It’s like he knew what was to come in September, as there apparently had been an open investigation, based on the allegations that were brought to the attention of the Memphis Police.

“3 days ago go I attempted suicide by taking over 2 bottles of pills because of a situation that happened over a year in a half ago that was recently brought up, but wasn’t told correctly.”-Excerpt Jay John FBjohn-jay-2

Here comes Friday September 16th and he get’s arrested and charged with criminal exposure to HIV, soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor, and statutory rape by an authority figure.  He felt the need to also address the allegations on his Facebook, pleading for his fans, friends and family to not believe media or news outlets as he’s innocent.  But the fact they’d booked and charged him tells me they would had to have some substantial evidence, that would them to believe the allegations were true.  Read his rant on his arrest below…

john-jayHe claims he turned himself in as s soon as he realized they were looking for him…mmmhmmm

We shall see what’s to come of this situation, but what people fail to realize when it comes to HIV they can do a test called “Phylogenetic Analysis” in which they test to see if the viruses both the victim and accuser are the same or similar.

  If the strains are similar/same they can prosecute and sentence and if not then they can only assume no crime was committed in exposing the boy.  But due to the fact he’s a minor they could still get him for statutory rape of a minor, especially if they simply have proof he’d had an inappropriate relationship with the child.

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