soulja-boy-instagramRapper Soulja Boy is done with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, deciding & announcing this would be his last season on the show.  And he want’s you to believe that his brand being bigger than the show is the reason behind it.  But I believe the stunt Production & Mona Scott-Young pulled this week had more to do with it than we realize.


This week episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood featured a “woman” on the show that Nikki Baby found claiming she’d slept with Safaree.  I put woman in quotations because word on the street is that it was an actual transgender that showed up.  Safaree was upset and reportedly threatened them with legal action if they wouldn’t delete the footage. Which would’ve probably worked had it not been for the fact Mona Scott-Young had several texts, photos and other information that corroborated the “womans” story.

So Mona & Safaree met in the middle, she agreed to blur out the chicks face.

I Know your thinking, “Well what does that have to with Soulja Boy”? Well lets just say that I’m sure it’s plenty of Skeletons he doesn’t want falling out of his closet.  And he can’t chance his brand being tarnished or destroyed by the low down things they do behind the scenes of the LHH Franchise in order to get views.

I can understand him wanting to leave, he makes 10 times more money touring in a month than he gets from appearing on this show. I wouldn’t be surprised if several other join suit in jumping off the Love and Hip Hop Train, before it leaves them exploited and exposed.

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