The “Get Out” Horror movie and concept is straight out the mind of none other than Comic Jordan Peele of Comedy Central “Key & Peele” fame.  I was thinking to myself it’s just going to be another Wayan’s knock off induced horror drama they just threw together. But after watching the trailer below, I quickly changed my mind.   

Up & Coming London born writer/actor Daniel Kaluuya of Sicario (2015) and Kick-Ass 2 fame plays the unwilling victim Chris, a young African American man in love with a young Caucasian woman by the name of Rose (Played by Allison Williams) who decides it’s time for them to go “meet the parents”.  Rose’s to be exact. The visit turned out to be worst than what he could of imagined.


Peel deliberately brought this plot to life by perfectly intermixing a handful of horror with comedic undertones, which you can tell by the trailer is going to make for a great film. To bad it wont be here in time for Halloween, as their not releasing “Get Out” until February of 2017.

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