By now I’m certain everyone knows the ridiculous details surrounding the Kim Kardashian Robbery Heist that took place at a Private Residence in Paris nearly a week and a half ago.-Kim Kardashian Robbed at Gun Point Inside Paris Hotel Room!!.  And with the Police and every other Media outlet questioning the official story, I believe were getting closer and closer to the truth at hand.



HSK Reports:

Less than three months before Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris apartment, Kanye West reportedly took out a large equity line of credit on his New York City apartment, according to the Daily Mail.
In records filed on September 27, JP Morgan Chase granted the line of credit to him on July 12. Kanye has until 2036 to pay back the funds.
Kanye purchased the New York apartment in the SoHo for $1.2 5million, and combined it with a unit next door to make it larger. He secretly listed the home for sale for $4.5 million in 2013, but no one was interested.
So it’s true, Yeezy is struggling for money despite the klan’s claims that his clothing line of hobo couture is oh so successful.
So can someone explain how Kanye allegedly purchased that 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz emerald cut diamond ring for Kim that had a price tag of $4 million? You know, the same ring that was allegedly stolen during the robbery?
He gifted Kim with the ring about a week ago, but even his $2 million loan can’t cover the cost of this rock:


Whelp, you throw in the fact Kim is trying to make an example of Mediatakeout for insinuating that this was a sham heist, you cant help but believe whatever they implied or reported must of been pretty darn close to the truth.  For her to be shook up enough to sue, I wonder what they’ll do about HSK and their find?!

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