kim-kardashian1Socialite & Media maven Kim Kardashian had a tough day in Paris this weekend.  Kardashian was in town attending Paris Fashion Week when she was held up at Gun Point in her own Hotel Room Sunday evening.

It was reported the two masked gun men were dressed as cops. that robbed Kim Kardashian-West leaving her unharmed but shaken up.  Which I find odd because when did they put the mask on and off.  I’m certain they didn’t walk into the hotel that way, so doesn’t seem as though this was a well thought out plan if you ask me.

According to the Huffington Post:

Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed inside her Paris hotel room on Sunday evening, a spokesperson told The Huffington Post.
The two men were dressed as police officers when they robbed the reality TV star.
West, who was in the city for Paris Fashion Week, was left badly shaken but unharmed by the incident.
At the time of this writing, no further details were available.
As the news broke, her husband Kanye West stopped his show in New York, apologized to the audience, announced a “family emergency” and left the stage.

It’s not clear where Kim’s Security Detail she usually has around her was, as her safety has never been this compromised.

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