birdman-lilwayneIn his latest rounds of interviews surrounding his new memoirs “Gone Til November”, Young Money CEO Lil Wayne want’s it to be known there’s still no love between him and former Father Figure & Cash Money Records Founder Bryan “Baby” Williams B*K*A* Birdman.He made sure to point out that Birdman’s last name isn’t Carter, so that means he’s not family.  Which in all accounts make’s sense in the “Real World”, but in the Hip Hop World that can be openly taken as a diss, to not only baby but a whole other list of people who don’t share Wayne’s last name.  Cause if your using the excuse that his last name isn’t Carter as a point a reference to him not being family to you, that same theory stands for anybody he knows.

I understand he said it out of pettiness, but still it could of been better left unsaid.  Unless he was going to speak on the heart of the matter, and he didn’t.

The book he plans on releasing come November this year, touches on a lot of different topics, from Drake telling him he ‘d slept with this girl while he was locked away. To Wayne himself officiating a Gay Wedding at Rikers Island while incarcerated.-Wayne Reveals He Officiated A Gay Marriage In Prison.


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