danny-williamsFormer President Bill Clinton has one skeleton in his closet that has come tumbling out, a man from Arkansas by the name of Danny Williams claims Clinton is his father.  And now Williams is seeking a Supervised Court Ordered & Paternity Test to either eliminate or confirm Clinton as his father.

Danny’s Mother a prostitute from Arkansas admittedly from the mid-80’s on, claims she would frequently have sex with Bill Clinton while he was the Governor of Arkansas.  Being he was the only white client she had at the time, Williams motherfigured Clinton to be the Father through the process of elimination.   And it didn’t help plenty of family and neighbors told Danny that Bill was his father.  He also recalls plenty of times that gifts and money were delivered to his home, by official state vehicles.

All he want’s is closure and the chance to get to know the man he’s been told for years was his father. He’s a spitting image of Bill Clinton and it’s hard not to believe his story.

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