toya2 Entrepreneur, Writer & Reality Star Toya Wright went and sat down with the Breakfast Club, primarily to talk about her book.  But of course the Breakfast Club always digs deeper beyond the purpose the guest came for, just so they can get dirt or something Juicy.   Well Toya didn’t avoid, or ignore any of their questions and even through them a bone when she admitted she’d considered having another baby with Lil Wayne. 

She put’s that possibility on the fact whether or not she can find another man.  Considering she was married to Memphitz for over 4 1/2 years and they didn’t bother to procreate, lets me know she wasn’t in a rush to be known as anyone else  baby mother other than Lil Wayne’s.

Toya also touched on the death’s of her Brother’s this summer, to gun violence in New Orleans and how she’s handling their passing.-Toya Wrights Brothers Slain in Louisiana.  The topic of Tamar Braxton and their beef came up and she definitely didn’t hold back from sharing her thought’s on why is it they’re no longer friends.-Toya Wright Details Recent Fallout With Tamar Braxton?!.

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