CHRISTIAN COMBSPuffy’s youngest son Christian Combs is wasting no time making himself relevant in the Hip Hop Arena.. In this past year alone he turned 18 and signed his first record deal-Diddy’s Son Christian Combs Signed to…  And it was just this past summer he Performed on an outside stage at the BET Hip Hop Awards, a feat not many rapper’s get as quickly to do.  But being the Child of a Hip-Hop Mogul has its perks.-Christian Combs took to the BET Live stage and performed.

Check out his latest single entitled “Different Type”below, his delivery is still young and thoughtless.  But you can tell he’s a boss in the making based off the lyrics I assume he took the time to write.  Not saying he’s ready for his first rap  battle with Drake or Weezy.  I’m just saying he can take on the Desiigner’s and Lil Yachty’s of the world.


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