august-alsinaSinger August  Alsina has some of his fans raising eyebrows with the visuals from his recent video release for a single entitled “Drugs”.  The  screen grab above is from the Recent Video August did and let’s just say he’s gone somewhat left with his creative direction.  Which is causing yet another debate on social media in reference to his music and his sexuality. 

August Alsina sexuality started being called into question sometime last year, or that’s when I started seeing people talk about it.  The rumors I heard were that he use to sell himself to high dollar Tricks in New Orleans and that’s how he afforded studio time and making ends meets.august-alsina-3His face being  more beat than the average woman and his desire to look like a woman is very apparent.  And there is nothing wrong with that, but if this is who you are own it.  Embrace yourself  and open up to people about who you are, because pretending is no longer cool.  I myself think the song is beautiful, but it was the message in the video that I don’t understand.  I couldn’t even begin to understand what I was looking at and that concerns me considering a lot of young impressionable minds are watching this and no telling what they’re thinking.

august-alsina-2Many on social media made memes off this screen grab of the Drugs video, questioning whether who ever saw it if they “thought it was Zoe Zaldana or Tyra Banks”?  And after enough people answered they’d reveal it was August Alsina.

What’s your take on the creative direction August Alsina has taken?  Would you’ve ever guessed he’d outdo Young Thug in the Suspect Department?

I really want to like this video, I almost want to say he’s the Prince of Hip Hop & R &B of our age.  Shrouded in mystery except, I want to say I know he has kids.  As he’s always posting these 4 different girls, but they all appear to be about the same age except one which is  a baby.  He never say’s outright these are my kids, or daughters.  Well from the pics I saw on his Instagram, than again I didn’t check every photo.  Anybody got any scoop let me know.. I hate having crushes on people I feel suspect, makes me feel like I wasted my time.. lol its like tell me I’ll like you still,  now I can just stop thinking  about  you in my dreams.

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