sharia-law-2I’m all for legal immigration, but what I don’t understand is why anyone would want to migrate to a country that doesn’t predominately share in that persons religious views.

  Looking at this interview after hearing all these people’s responses, my question is why are you here?  Every single person he asked where would they prefer to live, in America or back in their country?  They chose their country of origin!  Now what kind of sense does that make?

sharia-law-3Based off the rhetoric you just heard from the horses mouth, who can blame President Trump for taking as extreme measures as he took on the Travel Ban.  I wish more American’s would trust in his leadership, cause from what we can see it’s some people who don’t even want to be here and don’t care for our values, and to think that we made these people legal.  These are question’s that should of been asked before we permitted them in here.  They were all brutally honest on their positions and I can’t see them lying other wise to come into this country, but than again they have.  So why let them in at all?


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