Could this be one of many arrest of State Senators and Congressman who share the same perverse ideals in regards to children as Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey.   Since Trump’s promise of draining the swamp there’s been several arrest of child predator and sex traffickers. 

 I never believed this behavior  was just regulated to everyday Americans, as most offenders are those of Power.  Their just harder to prosecute, well in this case he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar so not very.


Fox News Reports:

Child prostitution charges were filed Thursday against an Oklahoma state senator who police say was found with a teenage boy in a motel room in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, according to a local prosecutor.

Republican Sen. Ralph Shortey of Oklahoma City was charged with engaging in child prostitution, transporting a minor for prostitution and engaging in prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church.

An arrest warrant has been issued.

Police in Moore have said they’re still investigating the circumstances surrounding a March 9 incident involving Shortey and a teenager. Police did not immediately return a phone call for further comment.

Police released a heavily redacted report that said a juvenile boy was found in a motel room with an adult male on March 9. The names of those in the room and the boy’s age are redacted in the report.

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