Pretty Young Thug can live free to be flashy another day, as he’s escaped looming gun charges from 2015 all because the negligence of the officer’s who raided his home.


Young Thug‘s off the hook for a felony drug charge, thanks to his lawyers arguing cops overstepped boundaries with an illegal search warrant.
You’ll recall the rapper’s crib was raided by cops in Sandy Springs, GA in July 2015 … turning up weapons and drugs. Thug was charged with felony cocaine possession, felony marijuana possession and 3 counts of felony gun possession.
Since then, the D.A. had dropped all but the marijuana charges. YT’s lawyers argued that should be kicked out too, because cops conducted the search without a proper warrant. The judge agreed … giving YT total victory.
We reached out to the D.A. for comment, but so far no word back.

He got away this time but he’s forever in trouble about something, so I doubt this will be his last time having to settle a case. ¬†Smdh.Young Thug Arrested Inside of An Atlanta Mall?!

US Marshals Arrested Young Thug For Making Terroristic Threats!

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