Photo Taken From @vougeista (email if you’d like removed)

Kendall Jenner was most definitely a Red Carpet Killer in this gown, an I’m sure Kim wished she’d beater her to the rack.  Good part about being Kendall Jenner is she can wear straight off runway pieces, while Kim has to have custom fit and altered around her a**.

LaLa Anthony definitely slayed in that number and I couldn’t think of anybody who could of better pulled that off.  

Blake Lively I’m feeling the get up sis…

Halle Berry I’m trying to figure out what exactly she has on and Nicki Minaj is slaying with her half kimono/bathing suit.

Chrissy & John look like to upscale poodles standing there and I love it.  They compliment each other very well and I’m so excited they finally have a family together. Baby Luna is getting so big and she’s a smart as she can be, she tried jacking North’s food bout a week ago.

@jamespresents Instagram

Serena Williams glowing at 22 weeks pregnant.  She looks absolutely stunning with that baby weight on her.  I can’t wait til she has her little bundle, I hope its a girl.


Maxwell & Traci Ellis Ross chilling.

Rihanna Serving..

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