Rapper & Mogul Kanye West has completely severed ties with Tidal streaming service after a few intense weeks between him and former mentor Jay-Z.  It’d been rumored before that both Jay-Z and his former protegé had fallen out over Royalties owed from the streaming services to West that were never paid.

The amount in question was 3 Million dollars or so, owed back in August/September of last year at last count, no telling what amount it’s come to now.   Reportedly this is money owed to him for helping to break Tidal’s goal of over 1.6 million followers who subscribed solely because West streamed his album “The Life of Pablo”.

Jay dropping his new 4:44 album and releasing the track “Kill Jay-Z” didn’t help matter’s as Kanye was already struggling with their bond as brothers being broken.  So with lyrics like  “You walkin’ around like you invincible, you dropped outta school, you lost your principles/I know people backstab you, I felt bad too..”.  Who can turn the cheek to that bomb.  

Considering Ye had been trying to reach out to Hova for months now, literally went through a public break down and suffered embarrassment.  For this man who use to look up to and look out for to reach out to him via the World Stage was more than hurtful, considering what all he’d gone through.  Jay owed Ye more than that, he could of at least apologized and welcomed him with open arms. SMDH! Show Ye Da Money!

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