Just when you’d think ya heard it all! LMAO!  In case you’re wondering, you did read the title correctly.  The  couple photo’d above assaulted a restaurant owner over cold chicken. I’m all for a being dissatisfied and asking for a refund, by all means.  But it didn’t take but what seemed like a split second before they were all over her like, well “Grease on Chicken”.  No Pun intended.VIBE REPORTS:

The Smiths’ crime coincidently came to light on National Fried Chicken Day. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the couple turned themselves into Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and have since been transferred to the Appling County Jail.
The incident occurred at the Qwick Chick takeout stand on Highway One. Owner Jeanette Norris said the couple ordered a meal and then complained it was cold and that there wasn’t enough of it. Norris then went to inspect the food and after speaking to the couple, LaTasha Smith began attacking her by slapping and punching her in the face. Norris’ 15-year-old daughter attempted to intervene when Nathaniel Smith punched the teen in her face.
The entire incident was caught on camera. It’s also being reported the couple has outstanding warrants for battery and aggravated assault.

Wow, so they beat this lady after she already refunded them (I started to post the story without video, than I watched and decided to post.)  They could of left and been gone, but they decided they were going to be a** holes that day and pick a fight.  And on top of that had the nerve to be “Wanted” already by the authorities, they essentially helped in their own capture.  SMDH!  We have to do better as people..

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