Seems like the Wilson Family have really been enjoying life lately, especially with the new edition to the family their happiness has multiplied.  It was this past week that they decided to make the most of Russell’s trip to China for a football camp.  They decided they’d make it a family vacation and went sightseeing, shopping and a little mommy and daddy time.  Hence the traditional Chinese garb they wore.  Which strangely enough looks like who ever did hair and make up on both of them decided to make them look inherently Asian for some reason.

Ciara is definitely a contender in Hollywood when it comes to natural beauty.  She really doesn’t have to do much.

Future Zahir at Papa Russell’s football camp, showing he can be a big boy too. He’s so freaking cute.  Baby girl Princess tagged along as well, from the videos I saw.  But of course no up close pictures of her have leaked yet.

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