WR Lucky Whitehead just can’t catch a break this summer, especially these past few weeks.  His dog was kidnapped by an ex girlfriend and held for ransom by the people she “sold” it to (eye roll).  Than he reportedly gotten arrested and charged with a felony in Virginia, in which Whitehead  and his attorney report was just a case of mistaken identity.


The Dallas Cowboys released wide receiver Lucky Whitehead on Monday, hours after the team learned that he was charged with larceny after a shoplifting arrest and then failed to appear for a court hearing earlier this month, resulting in another charge.
According to the Prince William County Police Department, Whitehead was arrested at approximately 1:30 a.m. on June 22 after an employee at a Wawa noticed he left the store without paying for some items. He was charged with shoplifting/petit larceny — under $200, a misdemeanor — and then failed to show for his arraignment on July 6, which resulted in a failure to appear charge, according to Prince William County General Court records.
Whitehead’s agent, David Rich, told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the crime is a case of mistaken identity and Whitehead committed no crime, as he was not in Virginia when the incident occurred.
On June 22, Whitehead was in Dallas, per his flight ticket. His United flight left at 7:18 a.m. direct to Washington, D.C., that morning and landed at 11:30 a.m., 10 hours after the alleged crime occurred.
Whitehead has told the Cowboys that it wasn’t him. Rich told the Cowboys that Whitehead didn’t appear in court because he never received the citation and summons. The reason he didn’t receive the citation and summons is because he wasn’t in the state when the crime occurred, Rich said.
Rich has told the Cowboys this information and said the plane record speaks for itself.
“It’s just unfortunate for the kid,” Rich said.


All I can say is wow, especially if what Lucky says is true.  I would hope that they would of allowed him the chance to prove himself innocent, before they decided he was guilty.  SMDH!  I know he was young & wild, but he was a true Cowboy and I can’t imagine him  not on the Dream Team anymore. : ( It’s a sad day in Cowboy history, I pray Lucky keeps the serpents out of his life and he comes back stronger & harder on another team.  I’m looking forward to him getting his life together, he’s such a talented player and I want to see him succeed. 

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