@LilKim & @BigFendi (Nicki’s Ex Manager) Call out Safari & Nicki #WheresNicki

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I wished she’d set a better example for young ladies today, but she is the one Iggy, Nicki and other females MC’s reference or compare themselves to.  Nobody can do it like Lil Kim done it. So check out the Breakfast Club interview it gets really Juicy round the 27:00 min mark and super juicy towards the 36 min mark..oooohh 

She starts of by addressing the fact she hasn’t bullied Nicki Minaj.  She just addressed her, she was being a “True Blue” Cancer and got straight to the point.  Believe me when I say, I understand where she coming from.  I don’t beat around the bush.  I’m not about to play the guessing game with you.(starts at 36:00 Mark-He really starts breaking down the past).
So she addresses where the beef comes from.  Has to do with Lil Kim’s Manager Fendi, who decided to blast how he own Nicki Minaj Name and how he own her domain name NickiMinaj.Com he  decides to expose Nicki Minaj’s “Fiance” as being gay (45:34min).   Which I can totally believe.  I mean cause she’s really gay.  I don’t believe that she’s bi-sexual. 
I believe she use’s it to her advantage, having a vagina from time to time.  Let Little Wayne and 95% of Cash Money Tell you.  Don’t get froggy on here Nicki Minaj Fan’s cause I’ll start pulling up video clips of Lil Wayne talking bout he knocked that down, tweets all kinds of things that’ll have you in your feelings.  Now I’ll jam some Minaj.  But uhh I’m not in love with the Bish. 
Outside of Safaree what other ex-boyfriend do we know of?  Not even so much of a highschool crush.  You trying tell me she don’t have any ex-boyfriends that can come out the blue and be like I was with Nicki MInaj that’s my ex gf or we use to talk, or we held hands once.  Not one and you aint gone find him, if he hasn’t appeared as of yet;  This overly sexualized woman who presents herself as though she can get any man, cause she know herself so well sexually. 
 Cause she’s so experienced has only been with women and Safari?! Lol that’s a joke right.  He’s aight but I’ve always felt there was something off about him and this role he plays.  It’s like he switches titles.  I thought he was her manager.  Then one website said assistant.   I was watching that reality short series she did and he was a music producer;  Then out the freaking blue one day
In the interview she addresses rumors of K. Michelle claiming to be her child’s God Mother.  Calling her a “Bag of pecans”,  “The black Jelly Bean Nobody wants”.  Claims she only met her one time and aid they spoke on the phone a few times, but never had a conversation about her child’s God mom”.
States K.  Michelle I bitter & sour about not being able to perform with her last year at the Power 105 show because of some technical difficulties.

She touched on reckless internet postings and bullying;  Its refreshing to hear her touch on such topics,  I love getting to know her.  I hope that Diddy does help put her back on.  Set her up with a reality show on his Revolt network.  I ready to see her do some good.

Dare I say there’s nothing wrong with being gay its just all this is in the closet mess got to stop.  It’s not a cute look for anybody.  I mean Ricky Martin took a chance and kept his Women.  He got men who wanted to be like Ricky Martin to get the ladies before;  Those who wanted to be “Liked ” by Ricky Martin.

Oh yea I;m thinking he purposefully said all this stuff on radio.  They ready for her to refute some shit, he been trying to get ahold of her for that money, for years.  The one thing Nicki Minaj would have to do for me to do a re-traction is to take him to court.

So I say to help promote other women artist who are doing there thing in the game, we hash tag there video’s and music #WheresNicki to her she got some competition out here in these streets.

I’m ready for nicki to pull a Kendrick Lamar and start calling out Chicks.  Let it be known who you going at.  Cause it sound like she coming for all women and you don’t want to side step to the North Side of Dallas and see me..Aight .

That’s why I cant listen to that Flawless remix, they messed it up when they put you on there.  It’d of been just perfect with just Beyoncé on there or like Andre 3000.  Hell Solange could of had me sold, she’s actually talented.  Checkout Her singing live with BB King, she tore that stage up Had us rewinding it over and over.

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