TX Drivers Scramble to Grab Cash After Brinks Truck Flips Over & Spills Cash on Road..

          What Dreams are Made of….

Gotta get the cash, gotta get the dough…

A Brinks armored truck that drove along I-20 in North Texas bound for Abilene spilled a “substantial” amount of cash from an open rear door, halting traffic as drivers abandoned their cars in a bid for the free money, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.
“I thought it was the zombie apocalypse or something, and then it began to look like an Easter egg hunt,” Joel Aldridge told the Star-Telegram.

Aldridge posted video of the unbelievable scenario to Facebook, which shows him driving slowly by what appears to be a chaotic traffic jam on the right side of the highway on Friday.

“Cash all over the highway,” Aldridge wrote. “I thought this was a wreck on the exit to Home Depot in Weatherford but look at everyone’s hands they are picking up wads of cash.”
Police said they only recovered a small amount of the money, which was strewn over a seven-mile stretch of the interstate.

I stay in Dallas So 20 isn’t that far, I wish for things of this nature all the time and the one time its in my damn vicinity I don’t even get to partake.  : (

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