#FamilyDrama Toya’s Bro Rudy Threatens to Tell World Her Dark Secrets!

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Toya Wright formerly Toya Carter (Lil Waynes Ex-Wife) Baby Brother Rudy is at it again yesterday when he posted a series of tweets going at his sister again.  It’s getting down right obnoxious.

There’s nothing more annoying or unnecessary in the world then a Family member keeping up Drama in your life.  How do you expect to mend whatever it is you all are experiencing or going through by airing out dirty laundry. 

Who would even believe you?   Not to say I can say for sure Toya’s word is any more credible;  It’s how your going about this your lashing out on her without any prior break down of what led up to you all falling out to begin with.

Its not hard to tell what happened.
You looked at her so much like mama and you took advantage of the fact that she did took care of you and you thought the longer you played like you was slow, the longer she was gone take care of you.
She started realizing you was doing other things you wanted to do with expediency and intelligence then she realized you were capable of being a grown ass man.  All the grown man decisions you was making.  Its like your seeking attention its not cute.  That or your Bi-Polar
That’s still your family at the end of the day.

What do you want her to do so bad that would lead you to talking down on your sister like this?  Your a grown ass man I know you wasn’t expecting for her to take care of you for the rest of your life.  This just sounds like a case of a young man who needs to get his stuff together..

Messed up you brought your niece into this.

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