A Member of French Montana’s #CokeBoyz Murdered in Cold Blood in NYC

According to multiple media outlets Chinx Drugz well known by his street name Chinx was gunned down early sunday morning, by unknown assailants who accosted him for his ride. 
The Story Goes as is…

Chinx was driving early this morning, in the car pictured above (Porsche Panamera).  He was driving down Queens Blvd in the Hoods of New York, When they opened fire after he wouldn’t give them his car, that’s according to Police from reports received from witnesses.
This is extremely sad and nerve wrecking.  How can we be up in arms about police brutality as though we aren’t doing the same thing to our neighbors or people on our block. 

My condolences go out to Chinx Family and Children…  From What I understand Malika Haaq, Khloe Kardashian’s best friend was dating Chinx and had been happily together for a while now.  So my prayers go out to her as well..  How do you mend a broken heart?!  Peace and  Love my Friends

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