Chicago Cops Escort Young Girls W/Absentee Fathers To Dance

I think this was awesome event that deserved more attention then given.  It’s great to see Police Officers involved with there community outside of actually arresting or handing out citations to there citizens. 

Members of the Chicago Police Department showed up in a big way for little girls across the city with absentee fathers.

In what will hopefully become an annual event, executive from the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement and officers from Chicago Departments 5,7,9 escorted young girls to the inaugural Daddy-Daughter Dance.

The banquet took place Friday (May 22) at the South Shore Cultural Center with the intention of celebrating all father and their daughters. However, instead of neglecting the many girls with absentee dads, commanders, sergeants and other officers stepped in.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing because some people don’t really associate with their fathers,” said 13-year-old Brejay Payne. “So once you come out, dressed up, and dance, eat, and play with your father, it’s kind of a nice day.

I encourage not only other officers, but other people as well to reach out to there local ministries and charities and see how you too can give back.

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