Migo’s Believes Documentary Set Them Up for Police Raid & Arrest


Wow well I could of told you running around with a camera crew doing trap house type of activity wasn’t a good idea.  It’s a lot of artist out here who are building there own case’s by posting all the evidence a court could ever need to prosecute them on Federal Drugs & Guns charges.

The remaining jailed member of the rap group, Migos, claims that a documentary the group starred in was the reason why police came down so hard on them with the charges.

Offset of the Migos told Hot 107.9’s The Durrty Boyz radio show that he feels this was an epic setup by Noisey and his documentary to make the Migos appear to be nothing more than gun-toting gangsters.

Offset also claims to have experienced racism, and said that others are looking to make him look bad in the eyes of the law. These rappers have to be careful when bragging about this trap lifestyle.


I can understand you wanting the people who listen to your music to know that your speaking from experience. But I would rap in past tense as much as I could, that or put a disclaimer on anything I felt that was criminally incriminating.  I would put that on anything from Instagram, Facebook to Twitter. 

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