WTF Cash Money CEO Baby’s & Young Thug Fingered in Conspiracy to Murder Weezy

Birdman Has Officially Made his Instagram Private..Check out Why After the Break..

This is just amazing to me how vicious the industry is, it was just the other night Birdman whack A** decided to toss a drink on Weezy (see video above) which I found a bit abrasive.   Its not nothing new Lil Wayne Vs Birdman and Young Thug (Check Out Lil weezy & Birdman Beefing)  It’s just shocking that its come this far. 

You do remember a few month back when lil waynes bus was shot up well the dude who was caught is spilling the beans (Check out Story Here Weezy Bus Get”s Shot Up)

 To go from a Drink thrown in a club to days later being mentioned in a RICO Suit for Conspiracy of Murder is pretty Serious for Birdman.  I thought he was little was like a son to you.

 It wasn’t but a few months ago he showed up to this Weezy’s child 16th Birthday party. 

 Like how do you look a child in the face knowing your plotting against there Family.

  Its so sad and pathetic and Young Thug is even more pathetic getting arrested for threatening a security guard,(Click Link to Read) I mean how whack is that.  Check out the story below.

As of a earlier today Birdman made his Instagram Page Private, I myself don’t know what good that’s going to do.  Considering the 1.6 Million Followers.  You don’t think they don’t already have operatives following you, you got another thing coming.

WSBTV.Com Reports

The indictment alleges that Dwayne  Carter (Lil Wayne) and  Bryan Williams (Birdman)  had  a business dispute  concerning  Lil Wayne’s contract  with  Cash Money Records.  Lil Wayne owns a portion of the record label. Birdman is one of the co-founders of the record label.

Lil Wayne later dismissed the lawsuit “due to venue issues while problems continued between (Lil Wayne) and (Birdman).”

The indictment says Young Thug sided with Birdman in the contract dispute. Because of the dispute, Lil Wayne’s latest album, “The Carter V,” has yet to be released.

“(Young Thug) released the next album in the Carter series but changed the name to “Barter VI” by changing the ‘C’ to a ‘B,’” the indictment says.

The indictment alleges that Young Thug made a threat against Lil Wayne and tour bus shooting suspect Jimmy Winfrey carried out that threat.

Winfrey is also known as “PeeWee Roscoe” and affiliated with Rich Gang. Birdman is a part of the Rich Gang rap group which was formed by Cash Money Records in 2013.

The indictment goes on to say that Winfrey was driving the white Chevy Camaro that fired shots at Lil Wayne’s tour buses the night of April 26 after a police escort left the buses.

“After Atlanta Police discontinued  their  escort, (Winfrey) and  fellow Blood Gang members entered Interstate 285 from Atlanta Road in Cobb County in pursuit of  the buses occupied by (Lil Wayne’s) group,” the indictment says. “(That’s when) the white sports car pulled beside the buses, shots were then fired into the buses  from the sports car with a .40 caliber handgun and a 9mm handgun.”

The indictment goes on to say Winfrey had a photo of the Camaro posted on his Instagram account and attempted to erase it following the shooting. The Camaro was later found at the home of one of Winfrey’s relatives.

Young Thug and Birdman have not been charged in the incident.

Winfrey’s next court appearance is Friday.

I Say as of yet…..Developing

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