LILWAYNE CASH MONEYRapper Lil Wayne has had his fill of Fame and it seems as though he’s tired of it, what’s believed to be the last straw came yesterday when Miami Dade Police showed up to Weezy’s home.  The Police were responding to a call of shots being fired at Wayne’s Miami Waterfront Mansion, which of course turned out to be a false report. 


This is the 3rd time in the past 2 years cops have responded to a prank call that’s been placed on the home.  Wayne of course thanked the Miami Police for doing a good job in resolving the issue.   Then all of a sudden late in the wee hours of Saturday morning he took the time to announce his retirement, upsetting a lot his fans in the process.  LIL WAYN LIL WAYNE

Another straw that might have broken the camels back is the lawyers who were representing Lil Wayne in the 30 million dollar lawsuit against Birdman & the Cash Money label, had quit on him without warning.  The Lawyers were likely threatened or some form of scare tactic was used to get them to back away from the case.

I wouldn’t put it past baby to be that vindictive considering he allegedly put out a hit on Wayne- BIRDMAN & YOUNG THUG FINGERED IN CONSPIRACY TO MURDER WEEZY. So Some believe when they quit, Wayne felt defeated and that’s when he decided to retire.  I’d like to think its a mixture of not just both incident’s but several we may not even know about.  I just pray Wayne keeps those demons at bay and gets himself together,

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