Deadly Legionnaires is Killing People in Bronx,NY


A fourth person has died in what the New York City Health Department is describing as an “unusual” spike in Legionnaires’ disease in the Bronx, officials said Saturday. The news comes as two more Bronx buildings tested positive for the legionella bacteria.
A Verizon office building at 117 E. 167th St. is the fourth location to test positive, according to Verizon spokesman John Bonomo. Streamline Plastic Co. at 2590 Park Ave. is the fifth location to test positive. Remediation is complete at the Verizon location and has begun at the plastic company, officials said. Verizon said that it is performing checks on all cooling systems at all its facilities in the Bronx.
Sixty-five cases of the disease, a severe, often lethal, form of pneumonia spread through the air, have been reported in the south Bronx since July 10, city officials said. That’s eight new cases since Friday, when 57 cases were announced. The four patients who died had underlying health conditions, authorities said.
The cases have been reported primarily in High Bridge, Morrisania, Hunts Point and Mott Haven since July 10, the Health Department said.
God Bless those affected with this tragic disease & those who’s life have perished so far.  You’d think with today’s advancement in technology, that we could avoid such tragedies.  
You’ve never heard of a room full of Politicians in the Capitol or State Buildings being exposed to such air borne pathogens.  Its almost inconceivable to imagine this ever happening in any Domain any US President or World Leader would walk into. 
 So question is why is it allowed to happen to everyday people, who elect this leaders and whose money protects these leaders and apparently the air they breath.  It’s been centuries since you’ve heard of a Royal or a World Leader being poisoned.  At least not openly anyways.  Yet as consumers were constantly blindly being put into harms way, with the different additives, GMO’s and Artificial Preservatives they inject in everyday food, its a wonder we all haven’t started growing beaks. 
You can bet your bottom dollar there eating good of our Dollar.
An outbreak like this can be avoided, you ask how?  Well how about you ask the countless Government agencies that have been running for years unscathed how they did it and then there we will have an answer.

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