Kelly Price & Husbandger Jeffrey Rolle Call it Quits!


After 23 long years of Marriage, Kelly Price and Husband/Manager Jeffrey Rolle call it quits.  I’m shocked it lasted this long, tea is through out the years he’s cheated on her and done her all kinds of wrong.  From what I understand he may or may not have some outside kid(s).  

I’m praying that she finds a happier Kelly. I’ve always loved her music and I believe she did herself a huge service by not continuing to film with R&B Diva’s LA.  It wasn’t a good look for her.

I’m not one to hold a grudge so now I’m just looking forward to Great, New music from Kelly Price.  She’s really great at telling a story with her voice, so I’m ready for the next chapter from Ms.Price.  Sending Love and Light your way.


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