LIL DONALD PANDA Future and his FreeBandz crew have beef with 19-year-old new comer rapper Desiigner since the release & success of his hit single “Panda”.  They owe the beef to the fact they believe Desiigner purposely stole Future’s flow and style a rap when chose to write and perform the song. 

Admittedly he does sound a lot like Future in the rap and even had me and other’s convinced he himself hailed from Atlanta, GA with lyrics boasting “I got broad in Atlanta”.  But as Future FreeBandz Protege Lil Donald point’s out the Freshman Rapper isn’t even from Atlanta and almost in a sense dares him to come there.  Saying he heard he hadn’t ever been to Atlanta, nor has he  paid his dues. In so many words, he’s not openly welcome in Atlanta until he does pay his dues.  lil donald

Turns out Desiigner is from New York, so to them he has no southern swag to attest to his flow.  But you have to remember is a Rapper and he is influencing the younger generation.  I feel he should be embracing the fact he’s being imitated instead of making any unnecessary beef with a 19 year old.

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