Guy Kills Brother Over Pairs of Sneakers!

Article Image: The Violence Never Ends: Man Kills Younger Brother Over Kicks

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, then you hear something of this caliber and it blow’s everything you knew to be true in regards to family “right out the water”.  The title itself makes you question if there was a typo somewhere in it, like they cant be related.  Read the scoop below..

Police reported the arrest of a one Juan Kincade in the suspected murder of his younger brother Juwan Kincade in what authorities say in cold blood over pairs of sneakers.  They say atleast 12 pairs of sneakers valued at about $500 or more dollars were stolen;  No one has yet to clarify why such a violent act transpired between family members. 
These kids get it in there mind that there in a middle of a game of San Andreas or some other mind numbing virtual reality game, where they can just hit pause or restart on the game and try again.  
There’s no bringing any one back after you’ve taken a life, I don’t care how many cheat codes you know to life. 
Two lives ended that day, yours and his.  I know your parents look back at what they could of done to prevent such a travesty and there shaking there head and crying. 
Do yourself a favor stop your children from playing these dangerous video games & steer them in a less violent direction.
Juan now faces 60 years to life and bail was set for 2 million due to his criminal history and being on Parole at the time of Murder.

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