#TheTea on What Led to #BustaRhymes Arrest! #HotTea


So as of now “everybody knows”  Busta Rhymes was arrested up until a few hours ago it was just speculation as to what transpired , that caused Busta Rhymes to assault another person. 

He’s been released on his own recognizance but not before being booked and charged with assault on an employee of a Chelsea Neighborhood Gym in Manhattan.

Word on the street is Busta was oogling another male patron as they worked out in the Gym and it made them uncomfortable (There’s been whispers in the past of his weird oogling behavior in the gym.)  The Gym Patron went to a Employee of the gym and complained. 

 The male Employee approached Busta to handle the complaint and from there everything went left.  Busta felt outed on his weirdo behavior and went off the Employee picking up a 17 ounce container of protein drink hitting the employee in the head.

Wow.. I’m all for people being who they are if your gay Busta be gay.  I cant stand for anyone to be down low, it makes it hard to take there word about anything. 

 Get it together and stop oogling people at the gym!

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